One of PEDH's main goals is to enable students in the world to access the problems that human rights face, fostering a critical attitude and strengthening, thus, the building of citizenship.

We have the support of activists, NGOs, international institutions and donor funds to carry out our goals.

These are the most recent projects we have worked on:

– Ecuador: Intervention in the most disadvantaged regions of Ecuador by promoting plans for reducing child labor and against child exploitation. Support the Government in taking measures to promote access of minors to school and the study of human rights in primary schools.

– UGANDA: Education programs in human rights, guaranteeing fundamental freedoms, preventing discrimination against LGBT freedoms, following the adoption of the anti-homosexuality law in the country.

– Bolivia: Access to the most disadvantaged areas of the Andean region by promoting plans against child exploitation and supporting the study of human rights in primary schools.

– Paraguay: Improving education quality in inaccessible slums and villages in the country. Modernization of systems, training of personnel and claiming of improvements in wages for the teachers.

– TURKEY: Provision of educational materials to refugees in the south due to the Syrian conflict.

– PHILIPPINES: National awareness in support of pro-LGBT legislation, in collaboration with organizations and SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) commissions in the country.

SOUTH SUDAN: Monitoring the delivery of medical and food supplies in South Sudan. Inspection of humanitarian activities including education, sanitation and safety.