The “GOOD LIVING” philosophy originating in South America.

logoplandestacadoIt was in Ecuador, in 2008 and with the approval of the majority of its people; the Constitution of this small country in South America was reformed, by adopting the principle of the “Good living”. Now 7 years later, countries across Latin America have considered this constitutional model as a benchmark for the future, for a better coexistence between human beings and mother earth.

Having his original terminology in quechua “Sumak Kawsay” translated to the Spanish as “Good living”It's a concept proposed by sculptors for the Andean Peoples, upholding human rights and of mother earth, a model that aims to ensure that development and a quality of life more sustainable, greener and more human in turn.

Currently existing in the Constitution of Ecuador and Bolivia (known as the principle of the) “Living well”) and with echoes that resonate in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina, this philosophy seeks to enforce rights mainly:

  • Water and food.
  • An environment healthy.
  • Communication and information.
  • Culture and science.
  • To education.
  • A habitat and decent housing.
  • Health, work and social security.


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