The Armenian genocide: ghosts that survive

centenario-genocidioIntolerance and the economic interest continue to weigh on the human consciousness; They tame it generating unfit even for the most fierce animal, unimaginable atrocities. It is enough to turn over to Syria, where an army of psychopathic offenders fulfill their perverted committed at the expense of ethnic and religious differences.

And the world only sees in the distance; world leaders allow bloodshed, mass of women and girls rape, Crucifixion and burning of "infidels", indoctrination of generations in hatred and barbarism. Why isn't more noble the death of a soldier protecting the defenseless, being "democracy" in the name of oil?

They met 100 years of that fateful day, an April 24, 1915, the Government of the young Turks - nationalist political party that led to the Ottoman Empire during the first world war--ordered the mass deportation of all Armenians living in the peninsula of Anatolia; exiling them to the hard desert Syrians and including, as secondary objectives of the order, all the other Ottoman Christians: Serbian, Assyrian and Pontic Greeks.

Already at that time the world was hypocritical and insensitive. But world public opinion had an excuse; the news took to travel and it was difficult to know whether it was true or first-hand information. And it is that it should be well clear that, from the beginning, the world did little or nothing to stop the bloodshed.

The Decree of deportation of the young Turks declared the rebellious Armenians, so automatically they were deprived of their rights and possessions. Ready, battalions of Ottoman soldiers broke into the homes of Christians in hundreds of cities and towns, killing to the slightest provocation; the slightest attempt to defense.

Although it should be noted that the Ottoman army failed in total role wild task imposed by their leaders. They were offered to bands of Chechens and Kurds - Muslim Nations, such as the Ottomans - any loot that may be obtained to support the expulsion of the Armenians. Even many times, these paramilitaries obtained properties "wiping" of Christians.

And is that greed always sponsored the wild actions of the perpetrators of this genocide that, fooling themselves, spiraling lines of the Koran to find justification for their wildness (it seems that the self-proclaimed Islamic State (TURKISCH) and Boko Haram are not some pioneers in their modus operandi).

It depends on the point of view; Some will see in the survivors of the Armenian genocide to the lucky ones. Others will point to those who died without more or less as those who actually smiled destination. And it is that the 8 years that lasted the infamous Ottoman order seemed a chapter of the novel more daunting.

Separating men from women; the psychological shock began. The uncertainty of what will happen to loved ones was marked in all displaced persons. Young men, usually after a long March was a ravine or wilderness, there to execute them. But not before, usually torture them.

The women, elderly and children suffered - as usual - the worst acts. They would March through the desert-based hunger, beatings and thirst in a deadly torture which would today fail to the toughest member of special forces. In only a few times, these victims ended up the hellish path becoming slaves.

And as perhaps the worst part of this story, is the fact that depending on the deflection and the sadism of catchers this defenseless strata of Armenian society; would decide if at any time, or several, would occur the frenetic and hatred triggering the mass of men, backed by their weapons, they work the more trivial events; giving free rein to all kinds of perversions. In various memoirs it relates how, when unfortunately sexual violence took place, the perpetrators of this genocide did not stop with children or elderly; even were registered sadistic practices such as open the belly of pregnant women to the edge of the sword; and, it was also as a painful mark on the history of the Armenian people as young people and children who were considered "beautiful" by his captors, ended up suffering sexual abuse.

However, not all the Ottomans refused his humanity in the midst of this sad and dark period. Helped many escape to families; they adopted orphans; Armenian youth with Turkish children was married to avoid future torture. And it is that, in many cases, these unsung heroes Turkish suffered martyrdom; to be considered its humanism, by Ottoman troops and paramilitaries Muslims, betrayal.

Also, echoes the conduct of the Arab people to this disaster; the leaders of the tribes ordered protect and help Christians in the name of the Word left by their Prophet Mohammed; Thus, proving the grace and nobility of their culture (which today the TURKISCH militants brazenly spit). It is not surprising that many Arabs today day, without knowing it in the majority of cases, be children and young Armenians, Assyrians or Greeks adopted by these people.

Countries around the globe were limited to receiving refugees from the disaster (like what happens today with victims of TURKISCH); These Armenians and Ottoman Christians, faced a new fight for survival: bloom in strange lands, between an unknown language and suffering poverty and the recent loss of loved and even children and orphans, losing to their surnames. Surprisingly, these people won this last battle and created entire communities that embraced their new State, but that would never forget crime that gave origin, nor the mother country which had lost.

It is also the story of men and women who have not abandoned their land before Ottoman cruelty. The feeling of revenge organized them into courageous militia who defeated several times to Ottomans, Kurds and Chechens. They laid the foundations of the small Armenian State which lasts, today, to the South of the Caucasus. And they gave the example that it is possible to stop a Holocaust based on courage and sacrifice.

Then, the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide should not be more than a slap in the face to us, that humanity pelele allowing 100 years after this tragedy to happen the same. Because if the world leaders made efforts of war immense to find non-existent nuclear weapons; You should not cost them one do the same for defending the barbaric to thousands of people.

Hector Santos Ortega
Ambassador PEDH in Mexico