This is how day of memory for truth and justice is celebrated in Argentina.

mural 2A little history and a little revolution, this is how the Argentine people celebrates this new anniversary of the coup d'etat of 1976, the event that would have a great impact on the life of this country.

That coup, characterized by extreme violence, announced a dictatorship that sank the country into a regressive economic process and turned it into a socially unreasonable nation; that event causing deaths and tears, today is remembered each March 24th with marches, vigils and artistic interventions; a day of awareness and collective reflection.

The Argentina of 1976 was captured of fateful events leaving 30,000 missing; This, the vindication of human rights organizations were born: the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, mothers line founder, H.I.J.O.S. and relatives of detainees and disappeared for policy reasons and brothers of disappeared for reasons political, organizations that marched at the Mayo and 9 de Julio avenues of Buenos Aires to the historic Plaza de Mayo every year.

In 2003, under the Government of Nestor Kirchner, Argentina was in need to implement new policies for the promotion of human rights, thus, the day of memory for truth and justice was born. In the following years, the Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina allowed the development of trials and oral and public research against those who committed the crimes of 1976, these trials and investigations have extended until today.

Memory, truth and justice are the nowadays keys of the Argentine people, a country whose slogan is the construction of a fairer, more unanimous and more democratic society. Indeed this is a special date to reflect.


Ministry of Social Development of Argentina