The inspiring speech of Alberto Sileoni

Educación_Inclusiva"All Argentines have the right to inclusive quality education" these were the words that were part of the speech of Alberto Sileoni, current Minister of Education of Argentina, last March 20 in Buenos Aires. The presentation was about "Academic Accessibility ", a call that aims at presenting projects by National Universities, within the framework of the policies related to Disability for College Students. (PODÉS). In that instance the Minister of Education of Argentina acknowledged its responsibility and duty as a member of the National State, so that "Academic Accessibility " pretend to address the issue of students with disabilities and also reaffirm the right of equality and access to higher education that all Argentines possess.

This new call, aimed at teaching and non-teaching, training will be focused on the processes of teaching and learning, i.e., in the training of personnel of how to impart the contents of each subject, Sileoni argued that Argentina is slowly opening to new processes and these processes involve the compliance and the creation of new policies for students with disabilities. It is worth adding that the programme can launched in September of 2014, the Ministry of education of Argentina gave portable latest technology with software and hardware designed for the type of disability of the student, as well as grants and funding to the Argentinean University locations can be reformed and thus be equally accessible to all its users. Analyzing this new proposal is necessary to wonder why ministries of other countries in the region do not opt for a model with these same axes? Why not give some priority to this group much needed it?


Ministry of Education of Argentina.