Children's day: important data of the Government of Ecuador.

Sapara EcuadorEnsuring the right to food, life and education and on the occasion of remembering the day of the child, the State of Ecuador has revealed important data within the areas of health care and education.

Among the data published in an article by the public agency news of the Ecuador and South America, noted positively that:

– The infant mortality rate declined from 19 per 1000 live births to 10 per 1000 live births.

-The coverage of education evolved to 30.2000 in 2014 still to 27,000 in 2006.

– The public hospitals had a significant advance from 14 million to 39 million in terms of the number of attentions.

– Access to Social Security increased from 1 million to 3 million, a significant increase in the child sector.

– The reduction of adolescent pregnancy and child malnutrition declined by 8 percent, keeping still above 23%.

Taking priority to those groups of the population more vulnerable to the violation of human rights, as minors, the Technical Secretary of the Council of the equality between generations of Ecuador stressed that the efforts of the State to eradicate illiteracy, abuse and physical violence are still in force, looking positively to the future.