¿How much do Serbians know about Human Rights?

Human-rights-2015Goal: Find out about the current knowledge of Human Rights.
Country: Serbia
Sample: 3 people
Age: Subgroups : 10-20, 20 – 40, 40


  1. What do you think is the definition of human rights?
  2. Give five examples of the different kinds of human rights, not including freedom of speech and religion or belief.
  3. Why are human rights considered “universal”?
  4. What is the name of the document that lists the 30 human rights?
  5. What world situation preceded and led to the creation and establishment of the United Nations?

Answers: (Literal)

1 2 3 4 5
40+ A Given by birth as a human being; state should allow application of these rights by actively securing their breach or creating conditions for their enjoyment
  • Right to education
  • Right to work
  • Right to clean environment
  • Right to family life
  • Right to be treated equally
They are given to all human beings by the fact of their birth; the content of the rights doesn’t vary between the culture Universal Declaration of Human Rights Second World War
20-40 B Every person is entitled to certain fundamental rights, simply by the fact of being human. A right is a freedom of some kind. It is something to which you are entitled by virtue of being human. Human rights are based on the principle of respect for the individual. Their fundamental assumption is that each person is a moral and rational being who deserves to be treated with dignity. They are called human rights because they are universal.
  • Don’t Discriminate
  • The Right to LifE
  • No Slavery
  • No Torture
  • We’re All Equal Before the Law
The Declaration unequivocally proclaims the inherent rights of all human beings. Universal Declaration of Human Rights World WAR 2
10 – 20 C All people being free to be who they are, regardless of ethnic, religious, sexual belonging
  • Innocent Till Proven Guilty
  • Right to Privacy
  • Freedom to Move
  • Right to Seek a Safe Place to Live
  • Right to a Nationality
All human beings should have the same right. No-one should be more equal than anyone else. Universal Declaration of Human Rights WW2