Following the philosophy of good living: UNASUR and the creation of an Andean network.

image_gipsy_2"Welcome to the most compact mega diverse country in the world. If we have marine and terrestrial biodiversity we have the country most mega diverse on the planet. Where are all the climates and microclimates unimaginable. In Ecuador have four worlds in a single day,"these were the words of the President of the Ecuador to take part in the International Conference on sustainable development, held in Ecuador, the Unasur headquarters.

The intention of this Conference was to initiate the creation of a new Andean network, which will start operating in the next six months and will be made up of research centers, especially universities and civil society. These bodies shall cooperate in finding solutions for sustainable cultural and economic development in the Andean region.

This new network will follow the Ecuadorian model, which has as a principle "the good life", model which highlights rights to demand a society in which both man and nature coexist in peace and harmony. According to the President, currently Ecuador has taken measures petro-physical and the renewable energy production, thus, reducing pollution and other harmful agents for the ecosystem.

The Conference, which received national and international experts also discussed issues such as inequality and cultural identity, the importance of technology and the ecological debt that have rich countries to the poor, as well as the new challenges and opportunities that the Region does front on their way to a more just and more sustainable economic development.