niños nigerianosSpeaks the Nigerian writer Lola Shoneyinmaster in Abuja, Nigeria's capital. “The sad thing is that they attack the few girls who have access to education. They live in an environment that discourages them constantly: for example, there are areas where female education only reaches 5% rates in Northern Nigeria.” And it accuses: “The reaction to the abduction was too slow: if it were the daughters of a member of the Government of Nigeria, the reaction would have been different”.“This case has become an act of mobilization around the world that will perhaps help us to change. Here in Nigeria, the situation is increasingly difficult. The abduction of girls is a drama in which the army cannot respond with clarity”. Lola Shoneyin writer, teaches in Abuja and in his novel “cautious as serpents” (66thand2nd publishing) the education of girls is a central theme. It is not the first time that speaks against Boko Haram, the Islamist group which seeks the prohibition of Western education even under its own name. Too rich and many poor Shoneyin blamed a too unfair and corrupt, divided among the few Nigeria. Now it's turn to speak of the abducted students.

What do you think could be done?
“We continue asking to find them. I've met a lot of young people thus: interested in getting an education, understanding which makes them strong. The saddest part of this story is that they get to blame themselves, trying to study in an environment that discourages them. There, in the North of Nigeria, there are areas where schooling of women rate is 5%. In Abuja, the capital, there are leaders who think that it is good to marry a fifth spouse who happens to be a girl of thirteen years of age coming from Egypt, rather than provide an education. Such is the case of Ahmed Yerima, now Senator, which has governed the State of Zamfara, the first to introduce Islamic law in Nigeria”.

Riyadh and Cairo Islamic religious authorities have condemned the kidnapping. Do you think it is important?
“Yes, much, unless get it a china in the shoe. These sentences portray their irrational theories. Shame that Nigeria has so few sentences by Islamic leaders “.

President GoodLuck Jonathan is accused together with the army of not doing enough to find the girls.
“Surely it could have been faster. The kidnapping was conducted on 14 April. There have been several weeks of silence and immobility. Perhaps our soldiers are not able to act. If it were the daughters of some of the members of the Nigerian elite, abducted from a private school, we would have a more rapid reaction, but it's the public school, the daughters of the poor, i.e. people irrelevant to the Nigerian elite”.

Why it says that the army is not able to act?
“Part it of all Nigerians. Some even think as Boko Haram, and many, of course, fear. Those who have family in the North is exposed to blackmail. Men of Abubakar Shekau (Boko Haram leader) are very efficient, can find all the necessary information. ‘ so they will not attack if they think their families will be blamed ’ “.

What hope is there then to Nigeria and to students?
“Finally the force necessary to get these girls sure is. And who wins a responsible trust President, who wants the security of all Nigerians in the 2015 election and that you value human life”