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Following the philosophy of good living: UNASUR and the creation of an Andean network.

"Welcome to the most compact mega diverse country in the world. If we have marine and terrestrial biodiversity we have the country most mega diverse on the planet. Where are all the climates and microclimates unimaginable. In Ecuador have four worlds in a single day,"these were the words of the President of the Ecuador to intervene in the International Conference]…]

Their peaceful demonstration in Ecuador and Colombia.

Sublime and without creating panic in any way, close 15 refugee families from Colombia have concentrated on the doors of the building of the United Nations in Quito, Ecuador. According to an article published at the Andes and with data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador, in Latin America, 70,000 people there]…]

Art and human rights come to life in Ecuador

The magic of art made of yours again, this time joining four Nations: Spain, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador broke boundaries by proposing a festival by the hand of artists and international activists. Live music and various forms of urban art claimed lives in Quito, Ecuador with the aim of defending rights]…]

Ecuador promotes program for disabled people.

First it was Argentina with the creation of the program you can, disability policy for university students in 2014, and apparently now is the turn of Ecuador. The leader of the area's accessibility, Lenín Moreno, aims to promote the program Manuel Espejo and Joaquín Gallegos Lara, a program in which the rights of people]…]