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Latest data statistical from Latin America according to Rebeca Grynspan

To motivating and leading statistics in the hands of the General Ibero-American Secretariat, Rebeca Grynspan, the Parlatino's XXX Assembly gave rise to reflection on the extreme poverty that affects the continent. The current situation of Latin America still being affected by their level of economic inequality, although on a smaller scale; This region has already been considered]…]

CELAC concrete draft Agenda 2020

In Latin America, 70 million people survive on less than $1, 25 a day; This region has been considered the most unequal in the world in terms of the distribution of wealth, according to data published in an article by the public agency of news from Ecuador and South America. With the objective of promoting development in]…]

Chile wants to put an end to child labour.

229 thousand children between 5 and 17 years are victims of the harsh reality that is lived every day in Chile, according to a figure published in an article in the newspaper the nation of Chile. "It seems to me extremely important to make progress on a problem, that while in Chile is not [so]…]