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Ecuador promotes program for disabled people.

First it was Argentina with the creation of the program you can, disability policy for university students in 2014, and apparently now is the turn of Ecuador. The leader of the area's accessibility, Lenín Moreno, aims to promote the program Manuel Espejo and Joaquín Gallegos Lara, a program in which the rights of people]…]

The “GOOD LIVING” philosophy originating in South America.

It was in Ecuador, in 2008 and with the approval of the majority of its people; the Constitution of this small country in South America was reformed, by adopting the principle of the “Good living”. Now 7 years later, countries across Latin America have considered this constitutional model as a reference point for the]…]

What is human rights for Ecuadorian citizens?

Objective: Verify the knowledge on human rights. Country: Ecuador. Sample size: 9 people: age: subgroups: 10-20, 20 – 40, 40 questions: do you think that it is the definition of human rights? It gives five examples of human rights, without including freedom of expression, thought and religion. What the []?…]