derechos-humanosUnder the slogan "Your Right to Know" training sessions are held by the State Commission of Human Rights (CEDH).

The ombudsman in the state explained that they are developing a scheme for young people which involved four to five speakers addressing specific topics for no more than ten minutes each, which gives freshness to the exposition in addition to more varied topics.

As of now, they have been in over 20 municipalities with this program, which happens at state level. The idea is to cover most municipalities this year.

He added that following the amendments to the Constitution in 2011, there were changes in the principles governing education in Mexico; education traditionally had three characteristics in Mexico: secular, free and compulsoryBut on June 10, 2011 another concept is added, which is the Respect for Human Rights.

Armendariz Gonzalez said that this implies that education strengthens respect for human rights.

"There can be no education if it's not education on human rights; we need to place the human being as the main part of the education in its full context”.

He stressed that there are several challenges: the first is getting to know about Human Rights, the second is to believe in those Human Rights and this is another important aspect, there are those who know perfectly about Human Rights but do not believe in them. "There is no point in knowing about Human Rights if we do not trust and believe in Human Rights", He said.

These days come to give information about different topics to be addressed and talk about strong situations that are happening regarding violence, insecurity and health in which they didn't seem to find the way out.

Source: El Parral monitor