Andean outlook: Chile and the new reforms, Argentina in transition and Bolivia before the Court in the Hague

Pueblos indigenasIn recent days some countries of the Andes are going through relevant process and closing old episodes in their history, this is the summary of the current situation of three countries of the Southern Cone of America: Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.

From Chile, the current President Michelle Bachelet has proposed a change in the current Chilean Constitution aiming to reduce levels of corruption. President of Government, facing her second term, has insisted on presenting a new constitutional reform for the Chilean people. As well as replacing the existing model, which is merely based on the former Pinochet Government, this new constitutional model will seek to specify more stringent rules regarding the financing of political parties, regulate conflicts of interest and put an end to the indefinite re-election of public office. A new economic model that can bring prosperity to all sectors of the country will be presented at the same time. Without concrete social reforms and present action plans, Bachelet announced that the reform process will take place in September.

On the other hand Argentina has been involved in an atmosphere of tremendous violence after the controversial case of the Attorney Nisman, which has resulted in a total lack of confidence in the current Government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Media in the country have insisted that Argentina is preparing for a political change with new elections in August this year.

As for Bolivia, the claim made in 2013 against Chile will resume this week. Such claim was intended to request the right of Bolivia's to access the sea on the Chilean coast. The Bolivian Government insisted that this demand does not represent an interest only between Bolivia and Chile, but also has a regional interest.

Diplomatic conflicts, new reforms and perhaps new Governments, that is the current landscape of America, an outlook that aims to improve the well-being of future generations.

Throughout history countries have undergone countless transformations, dictatorship, oppression, economic disputes, aspects that have marked the growth and development of Nations. America (North America and Latin America) is still part of that process, as well known for its cultural diversity, beautiful landscapes and rich in natural resources Why not focus on celebrating the qualities of each country rather than creating differences and walls?


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