Gabriela Rivadeneira: Being a woman and being young is not a guarantee of anything.

11574605104_bd85b515ea_bAfter the meeting with the Vice President of the plurinational State of Bolivia and the President of the Chamber of deputies of Bolivia, the president of the National Assembly of Ecuador, Gabriela Rivadeneira, exposed as main issue of relevance the role of women in politics, she also stressed the need to create new methods to strengthen ties in the parliaments of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur).

After her second day of visit to Bolivia, the President and the rest of the members of this meeting agreed that it is important to create new spaces and new regulations from the parliaments, thus, promoting women's participation and bilateral and regional exchange in the areas of education, social development and trade; "It is a substantial role that parliaments of Latin America, encourage citizen participation to construct laws for the benefit of our peoples" Rivadeneira said.

According to a statement published on the National Assembly of the Republic of the Ecuador, during this meeting Gabriela Rivadeneira emphasized that countries like Bolivia and Ecuador are at the global forefront, this is due to the participation that women have had in Parliament in recent years, this figure now represents 54% of women in Bolivia and 42% of women in Ecuador. However, the President added that the fact of participating in decision-making is only the beginning of a long transformation in power: "Now it depends on how we use those tools of participation, I say being a woman and being young is not guarantee anything, if we try to manage instead of transforming" said Rivadeneira According to source posted in the News Public Agency of Ecuador and South America.

During the last century much has been said of equity gender, equal rights in its entirety, however these words and almost poetic speeches do not resonate with reality. It speaks of development and integration to promote and create modern nation, when in fact a large percentage of women from around the world (not only in Latin American States) do not participate in the decisions of their own community. With a look to the future and as part of this generation, I believe that the time start by yourself, wake up and reflect now.