Ecuador promotes program for disabled people.

mailing para webFirst it was Argentina with the creation of the program you can, disability policy for university students in 2014, and apparently now is the turn of Ecuador. The leader in the area of accessibility, Lenín Moreno, aims to promote the program Manuel Espejo and Joaquín Gallegos Lara, a program in which the rights of persons with disabilities will not be ignored most.

“Technocrats and politicians had been told that there is no how to do it. Politicians did not give attention to people with disabilities because they did not vote, not exercising the voting… Or, as they felt that their vote is optional, not mandatory, they did not represent political force." The leader, also Special Envoy of the United Nations, expressed outraged in an interview with the RT line.

With this program it is hypothesized to protect the rights of this group so that they are equally valid than the rest of the population and at the same time, to urge that their voice is heard and considered for taking action within any area of the country.

With a look towards the future, the country currently action plans to improve public services, health care and education for people with disabilities, in the same way, the municipalities in different parts of the country have developed programs for a future reformation in buildings so that they are accessible by lifts.



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