Their peaceful demonstration in Ecuador and Colombia.

colombia-migracionSublime and without creating panic in any way, close 15 refugee families from Colombia have concentrated on the doors of the building of the United Nations in Quito, Ecuador. According to an article published at the Andes and with data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador, in Latin America there are 70,000 refugees, of which 60,000 were sent to Ecuador.

Fleeing from violence and other internal conflicts, Colombian refugees as citizens have demanded one interview with the Coordinator of the United Nations to address issues such as: the restoration of families or otherwise, the possibility of assistance to return to their country on a voluntary basis.

In response of this Act of protest, the office of UNHCR in Ecuador has informed that the organization currently has launched actions on these issues, and that the study of individual cases will not be affected in any way by this demonstration.

The demonstrators stressed certain favoritism toward mixed-race citizens and total discrimination against Afro-descendant people: "the afro population not is benefiting from the rights of the refuge. Mestizos have their problems and assigned a third country almost immediately, afros are three four years in the same situation,"said one of the members of this set.