Chile wants to put an end to child labour.

trabajo-infantil1229 thousand children between 5 and 17 years are victims of the harsh reality that is lived every day in Chile, according to a figure published in an article in the newspaper the nation of Chile. "It seems to me extremely important to make progress on a problem, that while in Chile, it is not so widespread, we still have child labour which reaches the number of 220 thousand boys and girls from all over the country" the Minister of labour and Welfare Social de Chile, Javiera Blanco said.

With the presence of the undersecretaries of the Minister of labour of Chile and other members of the Committee, the Minister Javiera Blanco reaffirmed that the Chilean Government is in the process of signing an agreement of national strategy against child labour. The Minister said that the agreement will consist of a plan of measures for ending child labour during the period 2015-2025.

In addition to citing as we commemorate the international day against child labour, which will be celebrated on June 12 this year, the Minister recalled the signing of the Decree No. 50 of the regulations work Chilean, in which will be exposed explicitly the type of activities which may not be carried out by minors because of the threat that they might pose for the development and physical and mental integrity of children. White also said that any irregularities will be completely controlled and penalized.

Children kicked the canvas against child labour national campaign. "What is theirs to the little ones in the infantile stage is that they can enjoy, play, study, already come time to work" said White.

With the new educational reform since this year, and counting now with this new plan, which aims to completely eradicate child labour, Chile becomes a model to follow, positioning itself to turn in the list of Latin American countries, where quality education is promoted, claiming the right to be a child at all costs.


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