CELAC concrete draft Agenda 2020

banderas_celac_1In Latin America, 70 million people survive on less than $1, 25 a day; This region has been considered the most unequal in the world in terms of the distribution of wealth, according to data published in an article by the public agency of news from Ecuador and South America.
With the aim of boosting development in the region and to resume the agreements discussed during the III Summit of CELAC, Chancellors representatives of 33 countries that make up the body, met in Ecuador to finalize the first draft of the promised "Agenda 2020".

The hand of host Chancellor Roberto Patino of Ecuador, was invited to the rest of Chancellors set goals to short, medium and long term in relation to the 5 axes previously mentioned at the Summit III:

1. reduction of inequality and poverty.
2. promotion of science, technology and innovation.
3. impacts of climate change.
4. improvement of the infrastructure and connectivity.
5 financing and development.

During the meeting, it should be noted the participation of the Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, who reiterated the need to opt for a model anti-neoliberal' in Latin America. "That Latin America of the 1990s is not the same, is another America that builds its own model of development and especially builds the model based on the progress and development of the peoples" said the Chancellor.

This VII meeting of Chancellors of CELAC also covered international issues, such as the creation of mechanisms to intensify bilateral contacts with China and issues related to the European Union, which will be discussed in greater depth at the next meeting CELAC UE, scheduled for June this year. In addition, mentioned the issue of peace, the words of the Foreign Minister of Venezuela, echoed during this Assembly: "Peace have to care for, preserve it and increase it".

While it is true, Latin American States despite their diversity, are States where always it has ensured the preservation of peace. We hope that this is one of the main drivers of this Agenda 2020, that even without being completed, pretend to steer States towards a single vision: a United, sovereign and independent Latin America.