7th Summit of the Americas: Extreme poverty and other debates without conclusion.

vii_cumbresHaving as a main objective how to raise awareness and develop methods for eradicating extreme poverty in the different Latin American States, the 7th Summit of the Americas in Panama finished without having reached a conclusion about this and other many topics.

According to the article "Minute-by-minute at the Summit of the Americas" published on the website of Cuba Debate, the members of the Board spoke according to their country priorities, however very few representatives were able to refer to one of the main issues of this meeting: "Equity for prosperity".
On the other hand the intervention of the President of Ecuador needs to be outlined, as it gave a twist to the Assembly by proposing a reflective debate on human rights, the importance of peace, and finally the great need to eradicate extreme poverty in America. "In Ecuador there is no torture, no death penalty and no extrajudicial executions", said Rafael Correa on the subject of human rights, adding that his country is one of the seven countries that has followed all inter-American human rights codes, as he made reference that many countries in the region have not even ratified the Pact of San Jose (American Convention on Human Rights).
Regardind the importance of peace, the President said that "peace is not only absence of war," referring to the need for peace in the socio-economic field of Latin American States. Merging the issue of peace and extreme poverty President Correa said that "the offensive wealth against the poverty of our people is a daily bullet against human dignity"

With the completion of the Assembly on Saturday, April 11 and only having a few details about the new "agreements" between States, this seventh edition of the Summit of the Americas gave, without a doubt, a chance to expose many different subjects. While many of these debates did not have a specific conclusion, like the erradication of extreme poverty in America, it is expected, at least, that these issues will taken up again at future meetings and thus arriving at a feasible solution.