SECURITYPEDH is faced with the challenge of consolidating the key aspects of security through cooperation, in order to stimulate reflection on the issues related to the protection and promotion of Human Rights presented to us in a world faced with serious security threats.

PEDH defends the exposure of all those events that may affect human rights, peace and security in all corners of the world.

Among the main issues in security that we may address are:

• Conflict prevention, both nationally and internationally;
• Human Rights;
• Minorities;
• Consolidation of democracy; and
• Cooperative security.

PEDH not only wants to reflect the developments that occur in this discipline, but also wants to alert the world about the existing problems so that we can contribute in the decision-making

On this website you will find a chronicle on how we applied the major security concerns through our regular column, projects, short and long articles, occasional book reviews and interviews