The primacy of education in development programs is unquestionable. With the gradual recognition of the potential benefits that migration can have for development, the relationship between migration and education becomes a growing area of ​​research.

PEDH sees migration in the same way that education: as an investment in human beings. The decisions made on migration and education, indeed, are intertwined in many dimensions.

Because migration is becoming a global problem, countries of origin and destination contend with increasing intensity that governments should promote the proper management of immigrants, including the correct data provision, supervision as well as assistance and protection of immigrants. As migration policies are international, by definition should be discussed at regional and international level in order to establish common standards for the protection and promotion in the management of migration

Government institutions and international organizations specialised on development have placed special emphasis on the connection between migration and education. However, while increasing volumes of research have focused on the actual and potential migrant communities for sustainable development and reducing poverty in their countries of origin through their contributions, the results have not been translated systematically in creating social and educational policies in their host countries. PEDH work to strengthen the connection between migration and education.