The Program for the Education on Human Rights (PEDH) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that advocates for the protection and promotion of Human Rights, with a special emphasis on education, security, migration and reproductive health.

In a world where poverty and inequality deprive entire communities of dignity, justice and opportunities, PEDH strives, through education, to promote the promotion of Universal Human Rights of all human beings, regardless of their origin, because thanks to education, we can promote other rights like the access to health, decent work, economic, social and cultural rights that are essential to human dignity.

Extreme poverty and rising inequality should not only be considered as an inevitable tragedy. On the contrary, these unfortunate results are sometimes deliberate policy decisions of governments and other international actors that limit the population the access to a full range of Human Rights like education. For this reason, PEDH fights together with governments, institutions and other actors, to protect and fulfil economic and social obligations.

PEDH strives for:

  1. The promotion of the education on Human Rights as an important tool in the development of human beings, making people aware of what their rights are, and demanding that the Authorities respect them. PEDH highlights the impact of education on key global policy decisions;
  2. Develop new methodologies to promote and protect elementary education in all our projects;
  3. Strengthen and build the capacity of the Government Institutions and Organizations we collaborate with, on security issues, for the effective protection of human rights;
  4. Strengthen the connection between migration and development;
  5. Promote measures so that the population exercise their right to be informed, having access to methods for regulating fertility which are safe, effective and affordable as well as having accessible services for family planning and public health.